A Short Hike soaring onto Xbox soon – TrueAchievements

If you’re already stressed and it’s only Monday, worry not; the ridiculously relaxing adventure game A Short Hike soars onto Xbox tomorrow, November 16th.
A Short Hike is a beautiful game where you climb through Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Unlike Celeste, you’re not doing battle with some inner darkness and the mountain doesn’t require you to throw all of your effort in; it’s exactly what it says it is, a short hike. It’s all about peaceful exploration and interacting with the world and creatures around you. Whether you fancy storming straight to the top or taking your time investigating every inviting pathway, A Short Hike offers a wonderfully atmospheric experience.

So, now that we’ve sung its praises, we’ll just remind you that A Short Hike arrives for Xbox players tomorrow, November 16th — don’t forget to check out the A Short Hike achievements!

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