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Did you know that Black Friday isn’t, as any reasonable person would assume, a celebration of West Midlands coal mining country? It’s actually a big annual sales event that Americans love so much they spend a whole day giving thanks for it. They have shiny buckle hats and go on pilgrimages to the shops. With so many deals flying about on both sides of the Atlantic, some guidance is called for, so I’m here to be your canary in the coalmine of bargains and help you avoid any turkeys.

The name of the game is, well, games. Once you’ve availed yourself of the assorted PC hardware and accessory deals the rest of the team has assembled, you’ll need something to play on your freshly buffed rig. Unless you were simply trying to construct the world’s fanciest RGB paperweight, in which case feel free to skip this one. You do you, I’m not going to judge. Only the brightest and best deals will be found within, no reheated old leftovers for RPS readers!

We’ve still got a couple of weeks to go before Black Friday proper, November 26th. Of course there will be plenty of early deals, pre-deals, earliest deals and pre-earliest early deals to come and the finest of those will be assembled for your pleasure, along with whatever else the PC gaming world decides to slap a discount on because it’s a regular, non-prefixed Friday.

On the hardware side, you can check out our main Black Friday deals hub, as well all our hubs focusing on specific gear types:

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First up is Steam with the usual array of weekend deals.

  • If you fancy some co-op survival horror in a submarine, Barotrauma is free this weekend with a 75% discount to help you dive deeper.
  • There’s up to 85% off a range of One Piece titles from Bandai Namco. Never managed to get into this one myself, despite being a huge anime fan since the dark days of paying fifteen quid for two episodes of a series on VHS. I do quite fancy the look of the stretchy, swingy action of One Piece World Seeker though.
  • Even skinflints may be tempted by 60% off Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey, a game which, quite coincidentally, allows you to skin things with flint tools.

Over at, a veritable smorgasbord of discounts are being offered to celebrate publisher THQ Nordic’s 10th anniversary.

  • You can pick the 1.1 remaster of vaunted voxel voyage Outcast for the grand price of absolutely free. (And I did!)
  • Fellow fans of Slightly Janky European RPGs should check out 80% off Elex.
  • Darksiders Warmastered Edition is 75% off. For my money, this first title in the series is still one of the best Zelda-like games that isn’t exclusive to a Nintendo box.
  • Moving away from THQ Nordic, the three people who still don’t own The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt can nab the GOATEE edition for 80% off.
  • You may be happy to learn that there’s a whopping 90% off We Happy Few.

Ubisoft is celebrating it’s 35th birthday with discounts across the Far Cry titles.

  • You could go all in and get 79% off the Platinum Pack which will get you everything in the series up to and including Far Cry 5 and the New Dawn DLC.
  • My personal fave is the prehistoric Far Cry Primal. This is the Digital Apex edition with all the add-ons, and is 75% off.

To finish up, here’s a few free floating deals from across the interwebs.

  • Microsoft’s not-so-micro Store has Blair Witch for £7.49/$8.99 down from £24.99.
  • If you’re looking for a tiny treat, vist Epic Games Store where Borderlands 2 DLC Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep is free in expandalone until November 16th.
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