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Call of Duty: Vanguard has finally been released and players are asking the devs to make fix a fruiting FOV bug that is making it hard to see. 

Vanguard was released on November 5 bringing 20 multiplayer maps, over 30 weapons, and tons of fresh content.

Players can grind for camos, calling cards, prestiges, and create the best loadout possible with hundreds of different attachments.

While players have been enjoying the game, they are asking the devs to fix an issue where certain FOVs are causing visibility issues.

Vanguard FOVVanguard FOV

In Vanguard, players can change their FOV to make it easier to see things.

Vanguard players want FOV glitch fixed

Objective-based game modes are very popular in the Call of Duty franchise. Domination, one of the most played, is causing some issues with players.

This Reddit post by ‘SelfRekt’ shows that when capturing the flag on Domination the bar is in the middle of the screen preventing you from seeing while ADSing.

Can we move the capturing bar higher where it won’t be in the way of where I’m aiming? from CODVanguard

As seen in the screenshot, the bar covers the reticle on the sight making it quite difficult to see. While this isn’t happening to everyone, it is occurring when running a specific FOV.

Players were quick to report that this is not intended. One Redditor said, “It’s a bug that happens with PC players at a certain FOV. It isn’t usually like that.”

Others noted that while playing on the max FOV this doesn’t happen, but since everyone prefers to use a different setting they are hoping that Sledgehammer Games just moves the capture progress bar to a different area.

This would make it will be out of a player’s sight while they are trying to aim at enemies. For now, if this is an issue we recommend playing on the max setting as it will not be a problem you run into.

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