For 2200 USD You Can Purchase this Gigabyte Z690 Motherboard –

Granted, it is a beautiful thing, but you sometimes need to wonder if motherboard manufacturers have lost their minds? Gigabyte is releasing the Z690 successor to the Z590 Aorus Xtreme WaterForce motherboard, the AORUS Z690 Xtreme WaterForce.

The board was discovered online with accompanying photos. The motherboard comes with a pre-installed liquid cooling monoblock that covers both the CPU socket and the Z690 Xtreme’s power section, and there are numerous heat-generating components that should be kept cool. This board is equipped with a 24+1 phase vrm, whose power stages are capable of handling currents of up to 105 amps. On the Gigabytes board, there are two PCIe x16 slots, with the lower one providing x8 bandwidth. Both are capable of supporting pcie 5.0. The third slot, on the other hand, is a pcie 4.0 x4 configuration. The same is true of the Asus model, despite the fact that it has an x1 connection. In addition, there are a total of four m in total. There are two connectors, each capable of PCIe 4.0 x4 speeds.

However, it has already been advertised by an Australian vendor for 3000 AUD, which is around 2200 USD or 1920 EUR at the time of writing. Despite the fact that the motherboard will only be available in limited quantities, we are baffled as to why it is priced so absurdly expensive.

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