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Industry insiders have backed a potential early launch for Halo Infinite’s free-to-play multiplayer mode today.

This weekend, date references were found in the source code for Halo Infinite’s official store page, with multiple uses of the date November 15, 2021 and the time 18:00. These dates were used with the reference ‘PreOrderReleaseDate’.

This roughly matches the time when Microsoft is set to hold a special 20th anniversary Xbox live stream. Microsoft has previously said it won’t announce any games during Monday’s event, but urged fans to tune in.

Halo Inifnite – Campaign overview

Shortly after the website date was published, Microsoft seemingly updated Halo Infinite’s store page to change it to the game’s release date of December 8.

Commenting on the website data on social media, journalist Tom Henderson claimed that the early launch plans were real and could happen on Monday.

Another journalist, Jeff Grubb, also suggested that the early launch claims were true. He wrote: “OK. With the caveat that launching games is nearly impossible and things could still go wrong, I’m gonna lean toward ‘poor Battlefield’ for tomorrow.”

He added: “And I am playing a bit of weatherman. I’m not saying it’s definitely going to rain, but I’m saying you should take your umbrella … rain here is a shadowdrop.”

Having originally been scheduled for release in November 2020 as an Xbox Series X/S launch title, Halo Infinite will now be released for consoles and PC on December 8, 2021, according to Microsoft.

As part of the recent Halo Infinite technical preview, players got the chance to test its 4v4 Arena battles and 12v12 Big Team Battle contests.

Halo Infinite: Insiders back potential early multiplayer release today

Halo Infinite’s campaign will be released alongside the game’s free-to-play multiplayer component. It was recently claimed that Halo Infinite will be getting an Early Access bundle and multiple DLC packs.

Aggiornamenti Lumia, who regularly reports on listings that are added to the Xbox and Windows stores before they’re published, noted that a new listing for an Early Access Digital Bundle was added to the store, which included Halo Infinite as part of it.

The Early Access store listing is currently entirely blank apart from the text “Early Access Digital Bundle”, but if valid it marks the first indication of a plan to allow some Halo Infinite players to start playing before the game’s release date.

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