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Nvidia confirmed it is limiting some games on GeForce NOW It involves twelve titles, thanks to a new $200-per-year tier that provides you with the equivalent of an RTX 3080 desktop graphics card in the cloud that is For those who have the original $4.99 a month “Founders” tier or who pay $100 a year for “Priority” access, it’s possible that they aren’t getting quite what they expected.

Nvidia has been quietly capping the frame rates of at least 12 specific games in order to ensure consistent performance.

After Redditors and others discovered that a number of games were being forced to run at frame rates lower than 60 frames per second, Nvidia has now created an official support website (via 9to5Google) to explain the practice. The company appears to have been doing this for some time, but only for a small number of difficult games at the time of writing. After doing some research, I discovered that some people were already complaining about being restricted to 45 frames per second in Cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020, which is exactly what Nvidia confirms here.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Immortals Fenyx Rising are the other games that have frame rates that are less than 50 frames per second, while some have frame rates that are a little higher. The following is the complete list of games in which frame rates are being restricted

NVIDIA – For our Priority Members, the maximum frames rendered per second is generally set to 60, or higher, for most of the 1,100+ games we’ve onboarded so far. There are some exceptions that we determined do not run well enough at 60 FPS on the GPUs used by Priority members. So the default OPS for these specific graphics-intensive games cannot be overridden. This is to ensure all Priority members are running a consistent, high-quality experience.

Nvidia tells The Verge that its RTX 3080 tier doesn’t currently have any framerate caps, but kept open the possibility that it might add some someday:

We currently do not cap frame rates on RTX 3080 tier because of the performance gains over the previous generation server. While we do not foresee needing to do this in the future, it is impossible to anticipate the demands of unreleased games and the impact they might have on the server hardware.

Last month, GeForce Now CEO Phil Eisler claimed that the 3080 tier would be an entirely new level of gaming experience than the previous tiers. It’s exclusive access to 3080 with the 3080 tier — every time you play, you get a 3080, even if the game is running at 300 frames per second.

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