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UPDATE: This morning saw the first bunch of PS5 consoles arrive on Sony’s new PS Direct online store. They sold out in under an hour but Sony says more are on the way.

The PS5 arrived almost a whole year ago in the UK, on 19 November 2020, but supply problems and a global chip shortage have caused the production of Sony’s new game console to slow to a crawl. New stock is still quite difficult to find, and when it does appear the PS5 sells out almost instantly, both online and in-store.

November got off to an extremely slow start when it comes to PS5 restocks, with drops from only John Lewis & PartnersGame and ShopTo during the first week of the month. We’re hoping that will improve though. Towards the end of October, we had nine massive drops from AsdaStudioVeryLittlewoodsArgosHamleysGame, John Lewis & Partners and AO. As we race towards the PS5’s one-year anniversary, let’s just hope November starts delivering the goods.

If you’re still on the lookout for a PS5, you’ve come to the right place. Our liveblog is on hand to give you the latest insight on Playstation 5 restocks from all major UK retailers, both online and in-store, as well as providing details on rumoured releases, plus the latest PS5 games and accessories to snap up.

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The best gaming deals for Black Friday 2021

(The Independent)

Black Friday is now just a few days away, and many sales already upon us. As ever, technology and gaming are hot topics, with discounts expected on consoles, games, accessories and more. The IndyBest team will be with you every step of the way, highlighting the best deals from right across the web.

Gaming deals this Black Friday will be up for grabs far and wide, from specialists like Game and ShopTo, as well as general retailers like AmazonVeryArgosCurrys and more. We can’t promise discounts on the still-tricky-to-find Xbox series X and PlayStation 5, nor the Nintendo Switch OLED – which we have recently reviewed, but you can definitely expect to see money off games, accessories, other consoles and digital services.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 11:02


PlayStation Direct sells out in under an hour

Just 40 minutes later, and PS Direct has sold out of PS5 consoles. The digital edition went first, with the disc edition not far behind. The website showed us a message to say it had sold out when we were estimated to be 11 minutes from the front of the queue. But we have at least seen evidence of successful purchases on Twitter, and Sony says it is “working continuously to make more PS5 consoles available in the future.”

(The Independent)

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 10:55


How the PlayStation Direct queueing system works

The PlayStation Direct queueing system is now active in the UK. The website explains that, once you reach the front of the queue, you will hear a chime (so make sure your device isn’t muted) and be automatically redirected to the right page. You will then have 10 minutes to proceed to the website and start shopping.

But it looks like the console will sell out quickly, as we are currently 28,000th in the queue, with the site estimating our wait time as being “more than an hour”.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 10:36


PS5 consoles arrive at PlayStation Direct online store

The new PlayStation Direct online store has both the PS5 disc edition and PS5 digital edition in stock and ready to buy. The website, which sees Sony sell the console directly to gamers for the first time, launched in the UK last week but had no consoles available to buy.

But that is now about to change, as a 20-minute countdown timer appeared on the website at approximately 10:10am today. You must log into the site using your PSN account in order to buy a console, and Sony is limiting sales to one console per customer.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 10:15


How big is the PS5?

Not as strange a question as you might think, because the PS5 is massive. It’s often an easy joke to say how big the next generation of game consoles are, ever since the chunky original Xbox arrived, followed by the even bigger PS4.

But, while the Xbox series X is also rather large, it’s the PS5 that is least likely to fit under your television. The digital edition is slightly slimmer, due to not having a disc drive, but both consoles are equally tall when stood on end.

They are 390mm tall and 260mm deep, while the disc edition is 104mm thick and the digital edition is 92mm. Both consoles are intended to be stood upright, but also come with a plastic stand to help them rest on their side – likely the only way most buyers will fit the console under their TV.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 10:01


These are the best early Black Friday deals available now

Many retailers have already started their Black Friday sales, and the IndyBest team is busy gathering up all of the best early deals and discounts. There are deals to be had from Amazon, CurrysBootsSuperdrug, Very and AO.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 09:34


What’s the difference between the two models of PS5?


Sony sells two versions of the PS5. These are known as the disc edition and the digital edition. They have the same performance, design and technical specifications, but the digital edition does not have a disc drive. This means games can only be played by downloading them, and obviously there’s no way to play DVDs or Blu-ray movies.

The digital edition is also cheaper, at £359.99 compared to £449.99 for the disc edition.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 09:00


Why there could be a bumper PS5 restock this Friday

After a quiet few days for PS5 restocks, we’re starting to wonder if consoles are being held back by retailers until this Friday. Why might that be? Well, 19 November is the first anniversary of the PS5 going on sale in the UK. So what better way to celebrate than with a huge console restock? This might be wishful thinking, but it’s the kind of stunt Sony and retailers like Game could pull, especially with Black Friday and the holiday season just around the corner.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 08:54


Read The Independent’s Black Friday live blog

(The Independent )

Black Friday lands on 26 November this year. The shopping bonanza offers you the chance to bag a bargain on everything from TVgaming and laptops, to beauty and fashion from the likes of AmazonJohn Lewis & PartnersCurrys and Apple. It really is the best time of year to find a deal, and of course, get your Christmas shopping lists ticked off.

And, as usual, many retailers have flung open their doors ahead of the day itself, with many sales already underway. The best way to keep on top of it all is with The Independent’s Black Friday live blog, which is running right now and is updated regularly throughout the day with the best deals and discounts we can find.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 08:39


Good morning!

Good morning and welcome to a new week of PS5 hunting! Things have been a little quiet recently, but we’re hoping this is a sign that retailers are stockpiling ahead of Black Friday, which lands on 26 November. As ever, stay tuned to this live blog for all of the latest PS5 restocking news from right across the UK.

Alistair Charlton15 November 2021 08:30

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