PSA: The Galaxy Buds Pro and Buds 2 can cause ear infections for some users – XDA Developers

If you’re in the market for a new pair of TWS earbuds, you should probably think twice before getting Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds 2. Although these are two of the best TWS earbuds available in the market today, they might not be great for you. That’s because some users have recently reported facing an unusual issue with the earbuds — ear infections. Yeah, you read that right.

A recent report from Android Central reveals that an alarming number of users are getting ear infections after using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2. Although Samsung hasn’t released a statement on the matter, the company is reportedly giving affected users a full refund and, in some cases, even footing their medical bills.

Phantom Black Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in casePhantom Black Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro in case

At the moment, we’re not sure what’s causing the ear infections. But it’s likely due to the new materials used in their construction. Android Central highlights that while some users don’t face any issues with Samsung’s older earbuds, the newer models do cause varying levels of irritation. This is likely due to the fact that the Galaxy Buds Pro’s charging contacts have Nickel, which is known to cause skin irritation for some people. Samsung has also used a new material, called acrylate, on the newer Galaxy Buds models, which might be one of the culprits.

Given that Samsung is already offering refunds, it’s safe to assume that it is aware of this issue. But since it hasn’t released an official statement on the matter, many buyers will likely have to go through unnecessary discomfort upon purchasing the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2. To avoid such a situation, some petitioners have already proposed a class-action lawsuit against Samsung. The proposed lawsuit alleges that a defect in the Galaxy Buds Pro is causing allergic reactions like “itching, burning, redness, blistering, flaking, scabbing and/or fluid leaking from the ear.”

If you’re facing any such issues with your Galaxy Buds Pro or Galaxy Buds 2, you can head over to the Samsung Community and contact a moderator to get a refund.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time users are facing widespread issues with Samsung’s flagship TWS earbuds. Earlier this year, we reported that some Galaxy Buds Pro users were facing an issue where the earbuds refused to turn on after not being used for a few days, but this can be easily fixed. This issue also affects older models like the Galaxy Buds, Buds+, and Buds Live, so make sure you try the fix before contacting customer support.

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