Rune Factory 5 version 1.1.0 update now available in Japan, adds same-gender marriage – Gematsu

Marvelous has released the version 1.1.0 update for Rune Factory 5 in Japan, which adds support for same-gender romance and marriage.

Here are patch notes:

Version 1.1.0

  • Added support for romance and marriage with characters of the same gender.
    • When the player confesses their love to a character of the same gender and receives a positive response, the game will progress with their romance scenario.
  • Fixed a bug where you might not be able to advance if a marriage candidate asks you out on a date and you go out on a date while an event is in progress.

Rune Factory 5 launched for Switch in Japan on May 20, and is due out on March 22, 2022 in North America and March 25 in Europe. It should be noted that same-gender romance and marriage was already confirmed as a base feature for the game’s release in the west.

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