Watch Microsofts Xbox Anniversary Celebration here • –

Microsoft will tonight celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox with a special livestream broadcast at 6pm UK time (that’s 1pm Eastern, or 10am Pacific). Watch it here, via the video below.

We’ve been promised a “special look back at 20 years of Xbox”, but all eyes will be on hints of the future.

Microsoft has set expectations by saying it will not use tonight’s event to unveil any new games (but then, it has enough in the works already). Still, we hope to hear more about the many projects it does have in development – and maybe get a surprise announcement for Halo fans.

Reports over the weekend heavily suggested Microsoft will shadow drop Halo Infinite’s multiplayer component in some fashion this evening. Ready your hard drives, people.

This afternoon, we also got a leaked sneak peek at the upcoming Halo TV series.

Halo Infinite’s official release date is 8th December, though of course its multiplayer mode will be available for free – and has already been detailed in a series of technical previews.

Join us tonight, as we report live.

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