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Android TV is becoming more popular all the time, and it just got a massive upgrade. Now, Google has made it so you can install apps on Android TV remotely through your Android smartphone, making downloading new streaming apps even more straightforward.

A Reddit user first spotted the new feature, and it looks easy to use. Basically, there’s a new option in Google Play that allows you to install an app on an Android TV device right from your smartphone. A dropdown menu on the install button lets you choose an Android TV device connected to your account and get an app up and running.

Basically, this is the same way Google does remote installs for Wear OS devices. With Google’s wearables, you’ve been able to install apps like this if one was connected to your account, and it’s nice to see Google roll out a similar feature for Android TV.

Additionally, you could remotely install apps from your web browser for some time. The new feature is strictly for installing it from your Android smartphone, which is probably the most convenient way to get apps on your Android TV device since your phone is almost always with you.

It seems that Google is rolling this feature out gradually, as not all users are seeing it on their phones yet. Unfortunately, you may have to wait a little while for it to come to your phone.

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